Beetroot Salad

L'atelier Ibiza


Beetroots. We just feel they don’t get the appreciation they deserve. This vegetable is just delicious and absolutely versatile. Another way we’ve found they work really well is if you put them in your burgers or sandwiches as a filling – YUM (we sense a new recipe coming up on the blog!).

We try our best to make every recipe look beautiful too – because seriously, you shouldn’t have to eat pretty food only in restaurants. This one pretty much hits the nail when it comes to pretty! Aena actually doubted at one point if vegetables could ever be ‘pretty’ (she was clearly not a fan of them before!). But even she had to admit (and of course eat it all) when we first experimented with this recipe together. So that is clearly a signal that it has to go up on the blog! The lemon vinaigrette we’ve used is super easy to make because we wanted the main ingredients in the recipe to shine the most!