GOOD MORNING   [Served until 1pm]

Avocado toast         9,00€

with sun-dried tomatoes, mesclun, Zaatar herbs & whole wheat bread

Tuna toast         9,50€

with tapenade (green olives, capers & lemon pressed), cucumber, tomatoes, mesclun, roasted pepper

Smoked salmon bagel           10,00€

with cream cheese (dill, horseradish, lemon zest), cucumber and mesclun

Shakshuka eggs cooked         13,00€

with tomato sauce, red pepper, spices & bread

Pancakes       12,00€

w/ mascarpone cream, peanuts, hazelnuts & Maple syrup (gluten-free)

Summer Pancakes        13,00€

with mascarpone cream & kefir fruits (tangerine, orange, mango, granade, mint, lemon), gluten-free

Peanuts Oats Porridge       9,50€

caramelized banana & almonds

Yogurt fruits & Granola       7,00€

fruit & granola

Croissant     2,50€

or pain au chocolat

SALADS [Served from 1 pm till 5 pm]

Green salad       12,00€

with broccoli, green asparagus, spinach, lettuce, red onions, Sugar snap peas, herbs and dressing (olive oil, orange, honey & thyme)

Falafel Salad       14,00€

with lettuce, taboulé, fried eggplant, hummus, pickled onion and sauce

Goat Cheese Salad       14,00€

with caramelized red onions, spinach, mesclun and walnuts

Chicken Thai Salad        15,00€

with caramelized red onions, spinach, mesclun and walnuts


Burger       Vegan 16€ | Angus 19,00€

with caramelized red onions, spinach, mesclun and walnuts

Thai Curry      17,00€

with vegetables (red onion, tirabeques, pumpkin) and tofu cooked in coconut milk with lemongrass, kefir, ginger and basmati rice

Farmer's chicken from Ibiza roasted     18,00€

with garlic, parsnip, red onion, carrot, fennel and potatoes cooked in our Zaatar sause

Falafel in Pita Bread        12,00€

with hummus, lettuce, taboulé, pickled onion, fried aubergine

Ibizan chicken nugget     16,00€

breaded in panco with sweet potato fries and ali oli sauce

Hot Dog       Chicken 9,50€ | Vegan 11,50€  

made of Ibizan chicken or vegan meat with mustard, ketchup and fried onion


Sweet Potato Fries      7,00€

with alioli

Gluten Free Bread     3,00€

Bread     3,00€

with alioli


Penne Rigatti   8,00€

with olive oil, butter or homemade tomato sauce

Grilled Ibizan chicken breast        9,00€

with roasted sweet potato

Kids Menu: Pasta or Chicken & Cookie & Creativity on the table   25,00€

(canvas, watercolour, multiactivity on the table)


Homemade banoffee   8,00€

Peanut cookie base with cream cheese, dulce de leche and banana

Carrot Cake   7,00€

with nuts

Chocolate Cake   6,00€

Waffle       Plain 7,00€ | With toppings 8,00€

Plain 7,00€ | With toppings 8,00€

Bownie   5,00€

Lemon Cake   4,50€

Banana Bread 4,50€


Cookies         3,50€

(vegan, peanut or chocolate)


Awaken the little artist within and ask for a canvas & watercolor   15,00