Wool Collection

Wool Collection

The story, behind the curtain.

Those already members of our tribe know our story and are aware of our values. One of our strongest roots lies in the development of a short cycle network where local craft(wo)men can meet lovers of beautiful handmade creations. And this, all over the world.

As such, l’Atelier Nº74 in Ibiza proposes to its existing tribe of family, friends and customers, a selection of N74 (the brand) creations, made by loving hands, in Thailand. As you can well imagine, we’ve been thinking of creating small local production on the island as well.

Winter 2019 was a cold one. We naturally decided to craft winter clothes/uniforms for l'Atelier's team. Tara designed « work uniforms » to keep the team warm. Using thick merino wool and mohair, Anika knitted cocooning second skins in the shape of kimonos or sweaters.

And guess what? The clients of l’Atelier asked if they could purchase the winter work uniforms!

The first creations sold out in a matter of hours.

This was the trigger to launch our first winter collection, hand crafted in Ibiza. Sweaters, kimonos, hats and scarves, for kids and for women. Thick mohair or merino wool in soft colors and shades. The warmest and the smoothest to complement our magnificent bodies.

We’ve been scouting for knitting specialists all over the island and created our first local production network. You can’t make it shorter than this ! This not only pleases our tribe members on the customer side, it also helps create some extra revenues for locals which can be welcomed during those harsh times.

Our collection is also available in « Yes ! I can make it with your own skills » mode. In order for you to improve your skills, don’t miss the Saturday Knitting sessions at l’Atelier: Let’s Knit Together !


An independent e-boutique (NEW!) gives you remote access to our locally handcrafted in Ibiza winter collection.