A new concept of freshly prepared gourmet food assortments, beautifully presented in rattan baskets…
To be shared (mandatory) with friends and family while enjoying the island’s stunning nature spots!

Picnic Basket #Menu... 
Design you own picnic experience


Picnic Basket #Contents...Not only food inside

Hamper Basket, Cooler Bag, Palm Leaf Plate, Cutlery, Glass, Napkins, Trash Bag, 


Picnic Basket #HowTo...What you NEED to know about our baskets

How many Goumets are you today?

Our baskets come in 2 sizes: TWO and FOUR

#Dineros: 2 pax 70€, 4 pax 130€



Our Commando Picnic Squad needs a minimum of 24h (ie approximately one day) in advance to prepare your treasure basket

Take away and bring it back happens at l’Atelier no74 Santa Gertrudis or we can arrange for you the 2 ways delivery through GreendeliveryIbiza

In order to make sure you don’t forget to bring back the sexy basket, a deposit of 100€ (Picnic for 2) and 150€ (Picnic for 4) will be kindly (but surely) asked.

You CAN Book your Picnic online (yeah): 

Picnic for 2 or Picnic for 4


We care for our Island

The biodegradable garbage bag inside the basket allows you gather all waste and biodegradable packaging, to be disposed off in the gray container.

We care for your Money

When your Gourmet Session is over, please return the glass jars and cuttery together with the basket at L’Atelier before 24h and get back 100% of your deposit.