Whether at the restaurant, the bar, the food truck or to take away, feel welcome to explore our flavours, all the way!  


 Our food is joyfully prepared by our chefs, inspired by our childhood memories and grandma recipes. Most of our ingredients are bio and come from the farm to the table. Lay back, relax and enjoy your meal at the tables on the garden, the gallery or the patio. 


What happens in the kitchen, stays in the... heart! 

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For those who rather to go on adventures, we got you covered. All you see is available for take away. The cherry on the cake? We prepare Gourmet Picnic Baskets to join you on your island adventures...


Also, our Luna Food Truck is ideal to grab something salty or sweet and enjoy the lively ambience at the park. 


Gourmet Picnic Baskets

A new concept of freshly prepared gourmet food assortments, beautifully presented in rattan baskets… To be shared with friends and family while enjoying the island’s stunning nature spots!

Please call us one day before to order your preferences. Coming in eco-friendly packaging, ready to be picked up at your convenience, your flavourful picnic experience is waiting for you. #YummyAlert