Birthday or party, who cares? All occasions should be celebrated.

We have plenty of creative ideas for your special days.

Our plans are designed for all, little ones and grownups (even grumpy ones).
Workshops, decoration, activities and food options available and customised to your needs.

The events can be organised at L’atelier or in the privacy of your home.
Contact claire@numero74.com and let's get this party started! #WeAreNomads

From the deco to the activities and a delicious menu, we take care of all the details for you to relax and enjoy. We work personalised on each child’s fantasy to make the day unforgettable.
Our party packs at L ́atelier no74 include:
- Theme deco table
- 3 hours space
- 2 creative activities of your choice
- Gift bags
- Access to play areas
- Facilitators
- Food, drinks and cake
Mothers and fathers might be present too.

Let’s talk about booking one area and prepare some drinks & food for them too!

 3 themed Birthday decorations to choose



Under the sea

I love Fairy Tales




 Young Explorers


I am a Chef!