Passionate by the power of working and creating with our own hands, Numero 74’ has been exploring the world of hand crafting for its production needs. l’Atelier’s mission is to make all this knowledge accessible to each and everyone, from 7 to 77.

We invite you to sit down with us and grow your inner creative skills. To give life to your own creation joining our workshops: Embroidery, Weaving, Macramé, Bookbinding, Watercolour, Leather, Ceramic, Knitting, Crochet, Masks...

Workshops can be organized at L’Atelier or anywhere else on the Island!

You can book directly by email

or by phone +34 636394450.


Book Binding

Do you ever wondr how books are made ?
Join our book binding master class and become a master ! Fold, cut, attach and bind.

Ceramic on the Wheel

Another meditative and creative source of joy
Hands on clay. Time stops here. The feeling, the wheel spinning.

Turn this clay mess into your unique creation.


Ceramic Tablework


Probably the oldest technique you can practive at l’Atelier. We bring recycled wood from Thailand, organic ropes from the island for your hands and mind to play up and down through the warp, creating the weave. #CombNeedlesAndWeavingStories


Yet another ancestral treasure revisited by l’Atelier’s creative team to make it comtemporary. Your Play with your imagination and let your fingers dance on the fabric for exclusive design.

Fabric Flowers

For decoration and flowers addicts
Draw,cut,and blossom your flower. When she’s ready you can sew her and customizeyour hat, bag or whatever you feel like.


The frontier between Art and Meditation
I guess you know the answer : yes it is. You hand will play with organic ropes, knotting them into your exclusive creations. Knots and more knots. Focus. Breathe and more knots. Hanging pots.

Cable coverings. Keychains as presents for all my friends.


Tribute to Venice
One doesn’t need to travel to Venice carnival to enjoy playing with masks and costumes. Venice comes to you everyday :

feathers, petals and an infinity of colors.


Ancestral technique alert

If you already practice, you know ! The pleasure of making, creating while medidating.
If you don’t practice yet, we will guide you through the crochet and wooden techniques. Our soft colored wools are simply breathtaking.


Generous, Are you ready to draw your dreams ?
Come and practice this ancestral technique. Blend water, pigments and a touch of magic to make your dreams come true. Discover infinite possibilities. Permanent installation at L ́Atelier. Adults, kids welcomed everyday at l’Atelier for inspirational sessions.


Painting is always available at L ́Atelier. We provide all the materials needed for you or your little ones to feel a professional painter: easel, canvas, apron, palette, paint brushes and colors!
Let your imagination and your hand flow

Generous, Are you ready to draw your dreams ?


Workshops Details & Prices

Our workshops are multi-generation spaces, there is no age limit but motivation! So depending on the technique we will suggest one or another. We love to create craft memories together.

Due to the Covid situation we are doing workshops only by request. All our team follows the last regulations, using masks and disinfecting tools and materials before and after the workshop.
Hand sanitizer always available.